January Blues? Not Us!

Ok, so you're back at work, and as our last blog highlighted, many of you will be feeling a bit down. Sadly, statistics show the beginning of the year is the time when more people are likely to file for divorce or start an affair. Which may be a bit depressing, or exciting, depending on which of the above you're participating in!

But one thing that our Leeds Escorts reckon is sure to lift your spirits is great sex! And if you can't find someone to have great sex with a good sex story is just as much fun. There are plenty of steamy novels out there, loads of sex stories on the internet, yet one of the best ways to lift your mood can be to write your own sexy story.

Be the star of the show, live out your fantasies and really enjoy yourself! You might want to write about a past experience or maybe you want to let your imagination run wild. Either way, we bet you'll find yourself in a much better mood!

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