Aubergine Flavoured Condoms!

The announcement from Durex that they were going to launch an aubergine flavoured condom certainly got a reaction! And the reaction from our Leeds Escorts was definitely 'ugh!'

It was a clever marketing move really, tagging on to the aubergine emoji craze. It also follows on from their survey last year that showed 84% of 16-25 year olds were happier talking about sex using emojis.

Flavoured condoms aren’t new, of course. But we are more used to buying orange and apple flavours as opposed to vegetables. The announcement caused huge reaction on Twitter with people commenting that the aubergine flavour was not one they were prepared to embrace. There were plenty of other suggestions, chocolate or bacon for example.

Before you rush out to the shops though, we have to tell you that it was all a joke. Well, sort of. Durex have an on-going campaign to get an emoji to represent condoms, to go alongside the aubergine, cucumber, hotdog and peach. Their aim is to make it easier for people, and young people in particular, to talk about safe sex. They want to raise awareness of how condoms protect against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and Aids. Good idea Durex, let's get an emoji out there!

On another note, for those of you who like flavoured condoms, whilst doing a bit of research for this blog, we did come across real bacon flavoured condoms! Yum! The brand have a great strapline 'make your meat look like meat'! Sadly, when we tried to buy some they were out of stock. Why doesn’t that surprise us!

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