Arty Students Less Likely to Be Virgins.

A recent survey by a student news website looked at the sexual habits of students and came up with some interesting results! It seems that if you're an art student you're more likely to lose your virginity at university than someone studying science, who have the least sexual experiences. But is it really surprising news?

Traditionally art students have always been thought of as a bit more flighty and adventurous whilst science students have been considered the ones too busy to have a sex life and more interested in their studies. That may be an old stereotype, but it would appear the recent research proves it!

The student website, The Tab, found that 11 per cent of computer science students haven’t had sex compared to just one per cent of art students. The website surveyed over 11,000 students and asked them about their sexual habits. They then broke down the answers and turned them into statistics according to what type of course the students were enrolled on.

A number of our gorgeous Leeds Escorts over the years have been students, but whether they were art students on not we don't know!

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