Now Apple Controls Your Sex Life!

The Apple Watch has been much talked about and much desired even if it is a bit more pricey than your average wristwatch. But now sex toy company, Lovense, are about to make the watch a whole lot more popular!

They've come up with a sex toy that can be controlled by the Apple Watch. Perfect for those couples who can't be together, the vibrator can even be controlled by your partner no matter where in the world they are!

Called the Blush, the toy is proving highly popular and the company have managed to raise 200% of the funding they needed in just a few days. The company already produce sex toys that can be controlled via a smartphone, but this is the first to work with an Apple Watch.

And to spice things up, even more, you can link the toy with your music or create vibration patterns that you can save to, er, 'enjoy' later!

Our Leeds Escorts rather like the idea. It did, however, raise a few questions. Such as where will it all end? Are the robots taking over?

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