Apple Ban Female Orgasm App

Apple Ban Female Orgasm App

Apparently this app is so sexy, Apple have decided you can't download it! Which we think is a bit mean of them given that the app in question is designed to help guys give girls incredible orgasms!

Created by Loveable Hat Club, the app, call La Petite Mort, which literally translates as ''the little death' is a very intimate game that teaches guys in a fun, artsy way, to explore the vagina and how to pleasure it without subjecting your partner to techniques that don't work.

Having managed to get a look at the app, our Leeds Escorts thought it was a fantastic way for guys to learn about female orgasm and how to develop your skills. Using advanced technology, the app shows pictures of real vulvas, although they are high pixilated, on your iPhone screen. It in no way looks explicit, but the algorithm the app uses means that your finger movements create different sensations that give the app's vagina pleasure. Sounds like fun right?

What's more there are different vaginas, so you can practice different techniques as each of the vulvas in the app has different preferences. Just like real life. The app rewards you with visual sign for getting it right and provides feedback if you're not doing it quite right. A great way to learn about female orgasm.

However, Apple have decided that the app is �excessively objectionable or crude� and have removed it from their store. This, even though they have apps like 'Sex Game' and 'Sex Game Roulette'.

Whilst the app is deeply sexual, it's not highly graphic, and its aim is highly laudable. After all, anything that can help a guy give a female more pleasure has got to be a good thing! Don�t worry though, if you have an android phone you can still download the game through Google Play.

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