Up Skirt Shot A Step Too Far

You may be familiar with the clothing store, American Apparel, located in Briggate in Leeds, but are you familiar with their online site? It seems that the photographers for the company got a little confused about what they were taking the pictures for when they photographed models for the stores 'Back To School' section!

The photo, which caused all the fuss, featured an 'up-skirt' shot, certainly worthy of inclusion on our Leeds Escorts gallery! The shot has been labelled as 'sexist porn' and the ad has been banned by the UK Advertising Standards Agency.

The photos, which featured on the company's UK website and UK Instagram account, have now been removed.

It's not the first time the High Street clothing store has come under fire for using nudity and sex to sell clothes. One thing's for certain though; whilst you might get away with wearing those 'school skirts' for a bit of role play or fantasy, there's no way you'd be allowed to really wear them to school!

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