Drunk On Fresh Air? Not Quite!

Why does everyone want to try out their new ideas in London? Why not bring them to Leeds for a change, because we're pretty certain that the people of Leeds would love this one! A new type of 'cocktail bar' is about to open in London's Borough Market and getting drunk there will be a breeze!

Why? Well because all you need to do is breath in the boozy air! The alcohol will be absorbed by your lungs and eyes (ugh!) and because it'll bypass your liver, you'll get drunk quicker and take in 40% fewer calories! The fewer calories bit certainly appealed to some of our Leeds Escorts!

Bompas and Parr, specialist food scientists, have developed a way of turning alcohol into a fine 'cocktail cloud'. The atmosphere in the bar will be at 140% humidity and customers will simply inhale the mist and get drunk! There will also be wines and beers on sale to complement the boozy atmosphere.

Visitors to the bar, called 'Alcoholic Architecture', will pay £10 for an hour's session (it's the longest you can spend in the bar in one go), and will have to wear protective clothing to ensure their own clothes aren't damaged by the alcoholic haze. According to Bompas and Parr, it takes around 40 minutes to absorb a large drink so breathe responsibly! We're not sure if it will really catch on or is just a gimmick, but we'd love to give it a try!

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