Who's Being Unfaithful In Leeds?

That rather naughty website, Illicit Encounters, has recently published some information about which cities in the UK are the most unfaithful. Surprisingly, or at least it was to us in the Leeds Escorts office, top of the list was the town of Beeston in Nottinghamshire!

According to their statistics there are currently 941 affairs taking place in Beeston, which means that 2.54 per cent of the town population are sneaking around! Livingstone in Scotland came second with 2.05 per cent, making it the least faithful town north of the Border.

And the most faithful town? Craigavon, Northern Ireland. Only .04 per cent of that town are doing the dirty.

So where did Leeds come you might ask. Well not in the top 10 that's for sure, although Harrogate did make number 18. According to Illicit Encounters 2015 Infidelity Index, there are currently some 16,000 people engaged in a bit of extra marital fun at the moment. Visit their website to find out more!

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