• Britain's Biggest Steak Dinner

    A pub in Stockton on Tees is selling Britain's biggest steak dinner. The steak weighs a massive 220 ounces! It's so huge that our Leeds Escorts reckon it would feed them all!

    The pub, called The George Pub and Grill has 7 items on its 'challenge' menu. Food items include the UK's largest mixed grill and an enormous kebab. Most recently they have introduced their biggest steak, which measures two feet long!

    The pub has set the challenge for 4 diners to eat the huge rump steak in 45 minutes. But with a thickness of 2 inches this is no small challenge. Pub owner Craig Harker calls the steak the 'Holy Cow Steak Sharer' and it costs a substantial Ł124.95! If you fancy a visit with some mates, you di need to give Craig 24 hours' notice to get the meat in from the butchers.

    Served with chips, onion rings and coleslaw, the steak takes two and a half hours to cook and is served on a metal tray as a plate simply wouldn't be big enough.

    If you manage to complete the challenge you will get a certificate, a Facebook legend alert and a George Pub and Grill Champions' Hoodie. 'No one goes home empty handed' said Craig. 'We find a lot of people are in a food coma when completing the challenge so we offer a free service to A&E', he joked.

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